How to become a World Wide Programmer

We are a distributed company going on five years of operation with individuals telecommuting from Seattle, WA and Gdansk, Poland. Does that make us an expert on telecommuting? Well no it doesn't but it does mean that we have some applied knowledge regarding how a distributed team can be set up and managed.

In order to become a World Wide Programmer all you need is the following things:

  • a computer with a modem, a sound card and a microphone
  • an internet and e-mail account
  • urge to work with others like you on interesting software projects.

You can successfully collaborate from your home with programmers from all over the world. Schedule regular meetings with your collaborators using any of the many Internet Phone products (some of them freely available for downloading). You can discuss the details of the design, do code reviews and walkthroughs. You can set up exact copies of your project on your local machines and use WinZip to exchange them on a regular basis. Or you can try Code Co-op, our special peer-to-peer version control system that we designed with exactly this kind of environment in mind. It's up to you.

We know it's possible, because we've done it ourselves. We developed our product while telecommuting between Seattle, WA, USA and Gdansk, Poland (nine time zones apart). You can do it, too.



At this time the tools that we can recommend are the ones that we are using. We conduct daily meetings using the Internet and the following software applications:
  • Microsoft NetMeeting
  • MSN Messenger
  • Code Co-op - Our version control system
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Enterprise Architect - a graphical UML CASE tool
If you are using a tool that you find helpful please contact .

Other Web Resources

These are some of the telecommuting sources that we have found on the Internet. Check them out. They all vary in the information and benefits they provide from job listings, products to various associations.
  • Telework Connection
  • Flashline - They provide a variety or resources from tools, outsourcing projects to developers and more.
  • Top 100 telecummuting sites - Nope, we're not there yet!
  • European Telework Development - Provides information on various telecommuting topics and initiatives.
  • Offshore Development - A Global Directory of Offshore Services, Information and Other Links
  • Technical Outsourcing Outsource your technical projects that you need completed quickly and cost-effectively or provide a professional service and profit from your skills, Technical Outsourcing is the trusted way forward.
  • CONTEK Software Development Company - ContekSoft is an outsourcing software developing company offering an integrated package of software development services and IT solutions both to Russian and offshore clients using an offshore approach.