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 +See also: [[Class Styles]].

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The structure WNDCLASSEX is used with RegisterClassEx. (The corresponding structure WNDCLASS used with RegisterClass doesn't contain the cbSize and hIconSm members.)

Type Name Description
UINT cbSize The size of this structure, sizeof (WNDCLASSEX)
UINT style Class style
WNDPROC lpfnWndProc Window procedure
int cbClsExtra Extra storage per window class
int cbWndExtra Extra storage per each window of this class. Must be set to DLGWINDOWEXTRA for a dialog box class
HINSTANCE hInstance Identifies this instance of the application. More precisely, the instance that contains the window procedure
HICON hIcon Class icon
HCURSOR hCursor Mouse cursor when hovering over a window of this class
HBRUSH hbrBackground Window background
LPCTSTR lpszMenuName Menu, if defined in a resource file
LPCTSTR lpszClassName The name given to this class
HICON hIconSm Small icon

See also: Class Styles.