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Academic Price List

Code Co-op v5.0 $55 per seat
Upgrade to 5.0 $20 per seat
*One seat is required for each workstation. There is no limit to the number of projects. See our complete license.

We provide special pricing for non-profit and academic institutions. Proof of your academic or non-profit status is due at the time of your order and can be faxed to (866) 291-4094.

Code Co-op Order Form

Enter your full name or the name of your organization as you would like it to appear on the license. To add on to your existing license, input your current licensee name in the first field.

Product Selection

# of Seats/Users   Product
  Code Co-op v.5.0 - New or Additional Seats
  Code Co-op v5.0 Upgrade

Check box if you are a Washington State resident. An 8.8% sales tax will be added to your purchase price.

Select the appropriate payment method below. Orders are processed through our secure web server. The data you enter is encrypted before being sent over the Internet.