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Code Co-op Pricing


Price (USD)

Code Co-op Lite $149 per seat
Code Co-op Pro $199 per seat
Upgrade from v4.x to v5.x (Pro or Lite) $99 per seat
Upgrade from v5.x Lite to v5.x Pro $50 per seat

One seat is required for each workstation. There is no limit to the number of projects. See our complete license.

Fax purchase orders to (866) 291-4094. Contact with any pricing questions. Academic and Distribution licenses are available. Or, you can order through one of our distributors.

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To add additional seats to an existing license, input the same licensee name

Beyond Compare 3.0 Std Add-on

This is the full standard version of Beyond Compare 3.0 (BC 3Std) that will compare non-text files, whole directory trees, and ftp sites. (Note: the standard version doesn't support merges, but you'll always have a separate BC Merger built into Code Co-op.)

Code Co-op users get a 15-20% discount on the standard version of Beyond Compare.

# of Users Price
1-4 users  $26 per user
5-9 users  $18 per user
10-49 users  $15 per user
50+ users  contact for pricing

Want Beyond Compare Pro that also supports merges? Contact

Go to the Beyond Compare page for more product information. See our Release Management. page for incorporating Beyond Compare into your lifecyle management system..

Guiffy SureMerge Add-on

As a partner and approvided distributor of Guiffy, we are able to sell Guiffy at a 20% discount. See the chart below.

Go to the Guiffy page for more product information.

# of Users Price
1 user $60
3 Users $120
Additional users $40 each

The Guiffy License Agreement includes 12 months of Support, Updates, and Upgrades. To continue getting upgrades and support after this period, purchase an Annual Subscription.
1 user $20
3 Users $40
Each add'l user over 3 $13.50 per user