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Start me up


... the decision wasn't easy. first charless [Charles Simonyi] proposed 'hungarian rhapsody' but billg [Bill Gates] said that classical music doesn't have mass appeal. charless said that 'hungarian rhapsody' is hardly classical. he heard it performed on waynes world, which is a teenage sort of movie. to which nathanm [Nathan Myhrvold] responded that it wasn't hungarian but rather bohemian and that the words 'mama, i just killed a man' although reflecting microsoft's long-term strategy might turn some customers off.

the discussion then turned to the beatles. frankg [the late CFO, Frank Gaudette] proposed 'you never give me your money' but admitted that it was to straightforward.

i proposed 'when im 95' but nathanm said that it wasn't 95 but rather 64 and countered with 'the fool on the hill' (frankly i don't know why).

finally we turned to the rolling stones when steveb [Steve Ballmer] proposed 'sympathy for the devil.' billg said that probably not all our clients are devil worshippers like us, so that killed it.

the meeting went on and on, until finally we gave up. the next day the marketing came up with 'start me up' because of the start button. we all reluctantly agreed after i checked that the beatles song was indeed titled 'when im 64.' damn nathanm!

VP at Last

To: [David Cutler]

thanks for getting me the promotion to a vp. i hear that you are dismantling cairo [a rival of Windows NT, control over which passed from Allchin to Cutler] quite vigorously. good for you!

do you have any idea what nathanm was talking about at the meeting? he said that we already have enough vps, but that every company needs a vi to lighten up long meetings. what does a unix editor have to do with my promotion? when billg asked him what he meant, nathanm whispered something in his ear. all i could overhear was the word 'village.' it makes no sense to me. damn nathanm!

dave, thanks again, i owe you big. any time you want to cancel a project, you can count on me.



To be continued...