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Sea Battle

Sea Battle Screen Image The computer's board is on the left, yours on the right. First, position your ships. The computer does the same. The only way you can find out where the ships are, is by shooting at the computer's board. But for every shot you fire, the computer fires one at your ships. The computer doesn't know where your ships are, but it has some clever tactics.

International Versions

Klingon Primer

tlhIngan logh noH -- Klingon space war

yablIj SuvtaH De'wI'

Your brain fighting computer

Qaw' jaghlIj Dujpu' nIDtaHvIS qaQaw'.

Destroy your enemy ships while he is trying to destroy you

wuvtun -- ReliSoft

DIlbe' tunDochvam -- This is free software

law' DIlbe' tunDoch -- More free software

luq -- OK

Hlja' -- yes

ghobe' -- no

bIneH'a' Qujlaw'-- Do you want another game?

Such -- visit

roQ loSbobcho' Duj nIHDaq

position four-module ship on the right

bIlujqu'pu'-- You have failed (missed)

choqIppu'-- You hit me

choqQaw'pu' Duj -- You destroyed my ship

bImajQa' -- You are very good

yIbaH poS wIy -- Fire at the left tactical display

law' n-bobcho' Duj -- Another n-module ship

roQ n-bobcho' Duj -- position n-module ship

roQ bobcho' retlh -- Position module next

toH Qapla' -- I win

tlhe'lIj -- Your turn