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Code Co-op Wiki

Version 5.0 of Code Co-op comes with a built-in ability to create peer-to-peer wiki sites. You might be familiar with wiki sites, such as Wikipedia, but what Code Co-op offers is much simpler. You don't need a web server. You create and edit your wiki pages locally. You view them using Code Co-op's built-in browser. You check them into your Code Co-op project, and other project members can see them on their computers.

What can you do with wiki? You can share information--from simple text files to sophisticated bug-tracking databases. Just after reading this page, you'll be able to start creating formatted documents with embedded pictures and hyperlinks.

What is Wiki?

Wiki is a system of creating hyperlinked sets of formatted documents without the need to learn HTML. A wiki site looks and feels like a web site, but it can be created and maintained with minimum training. The simplest wiki page is just a text file. You can quickly learn how to add simple text formatting and create hyperlinks.

Bare Minimum Formatting

It's very easy to make your wiki pages look nice. Here are some starting points:

There is more, but you don't have to learn everything at once. Click on the Help: General link at the top of this page for more info.

Bare Minimum Linking

A hyperlink is a clickable piece of text. You click on it, and you are lead to another page. In wiki, you create a link by surrounding text with double brackets, like this:

 [[click me]]
Where does such a link lead? It leads to a page called click What if there is no such page yet? Not to worry! The first time you click on such a link, the page will be created and you can fill it with text. Link first, create later! These are called internal links, leading to other pages in your wiki site.

You can also have external links, leading to internet web sites. In wiki, these are just web addresses surrounded by single brackets, like this:



Embedding an image in a wiki file is as simple as creating a link with the Image: prefix. Like this:

Again, you link first, create later. When you first click on an empty image link, Code Co-op displays a dialog asking you to browse for the image file on your computer. Once you find the file, it is copied to your wiki site and displayed in place of the link. Note: the name of the image file you find doesn't matter--its copy will be renamed to correspond to the link you are filling.

How do I start?

Open Code Co-op, select or create a project, select the Wikify command from the Folder menu. Code Co-op will display the starting page in the browsing window, and open an editor where you can start editing it.

Note: you can Wikify any folder in your project, not necessarily the root folder. This is especially useful if you have an existing project and want to add documentation or a bug database to it.