Starting Collaboration

Using Code Co-op you collaborate on individual projects. Each Code Co-op Project is a set of files and directories sharing a common Project Root directory. You can either enlist in an existing project or create a new one.

Getting Invited

If you are joining an existing collaboration, you will probably want to enlist in an existing project. The easiest way to do it is to ask the Administrator of a given project to send you an invitation. The administrator must know your name and your e-mail address. If your machine is a network satellite, you have to provide the administrator with the e-mail address of your hub and the name of your computer.


If you know the name of the project and the e-mail address of any member of the project, you may elect to join the project instead. The difference is that you are the one proposing collaboration and sending a Join Request.

Creating New Project

You may also start a new collaboration by creating a new project. You can create a new empty project and then add files to it, or you can select an existing tree of files and turn it into a Code Co-op project. You will automatically become the Administrator of the project and you can start inviting others or accept their Join Requests.

Defecting from Project

When you no longer want to participate in a project, you should defect from it. When you defect all other project members are notified about it and they will no longer send scripts to you.

See also side-by-side comparison of various ways of enlisting in a project.

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