Request Project Verification

If you're suspecting that the project membership list is out of sync with other members' lists, you can synchronize it using Project>Request Verification menu item. (For instance, you may know that a particular member has defected from the project, but he or she still shows in your membership list.)

Code Co-op will send a special "verification request" script to a selected project member. In response, that member's Code Co-op will send back the information about its own membership list, as well as the list of recent scripts that you might have missed.

Verification request is also sent after you change your status in the project from "observer" to "voting member". This is a necessery precaution, because observers may have gaps in their histories.

Similarly, verification is performed in all projects after Code Co-op database has been restored from backup.

By default, after requesting a verification and before receiving back the verification script, all check-ins in the project are blocked. This is to prevent check-ins that could reject large portions of project history (the portions unknown to the current member).

Note: If you are blocked waiting for verification request from one member, you can always re-issue a verification request to another member. You can also select the checkbox "Don't block check-ins" while doing that.

When verification is requested, the following dialog is displayed, in which you can select the member to whom the verification request will be sent (by default, it's the project administrator).