Using Outlook (Express)

Code Co-op can communicate with Outlook or Outlook Express using MAPI interface. When you check in your files, a synchronization script is sent to other project members. This script appears as an attachment to an e-mail message that shows up in your Outlook's Outbox (and then in the Sent Items). The subject line of such a message starts with "Code Co-op Sync".

When somebody else makes a check-in, their e-mail message will appear in your Outlook's Inbox Folder. Do not open such a message in Outlook--Code Co-op only looks at unread messages. Within a few minutes the message should disappear from your Outlook Inbox. That means Code Co-op got hold of it. (To expedite message retrieval, you can right-click on the dispatcher icon and select "Get Mail".) The new script will appear in your Code Co-op project's Inbox, from where it can be executed.

Email Diagnostics

Now, test your Email client to ensure that it is Mapi compliant. Click Run Diagnostics.

You will notice that Code Co-op displays the default Mapi client along with the test and its results. It should be Outlook or Outlook Express.

diagnostics screen

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