Getting Invited

After you ask the administrator of the project to invite you to it, you will receive from him or her an invitation script.

If your Code Co-op is configured to use Outlook (Express) for communicating with others, you will see the invitation in the Outlook's Inbox. The subject line will start with "Code Co-op Sync". Do not open it — Code Co-op only looks at unread messages. Within a few minutes the message should disappear from your inbox. That means Code Co-op got hold of it.

At this point, a balloon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, above the Dispatcher icon.

Click on the balloon and enter the path where you want project files to appear.

If you miss the balloon, don't worry. The dispatcher will change its icon to the alerted state. Double click on the icon and the dispatcher window will open. You will see listed there a script with the status "Invitation requires user action". Double click on the script to release it from Quarantine. You will then be prompted for the location where you want to store project files.

Note: Since Invitations include all the files and information needed to recreate the project on your machine, you will probably receive multiple emails, each with a chunk of the invitation. The dispatcher will retrieve them as they arrive and reassemble the Invitation.

You can reject the invitation by clicking on the Reject button.

After you provide the root path, Code Co-op will finish creating your local copy of the project. Once this is done, you can open the project in Code Co-op and start making changes.

See also side-by-side comparison of various ways of enlisting in a project.

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