Wiki Site

A wiki site is a set of interlinked wiki pages. Code Co-op lets you create and maintain peer-to-peer wiki sites as parts of your Code Co-op projects. You simply turn one of the folders in your project into a wiki site--you wikify it. Such an embedded wiki site may be used to maintain documentation, to-do lists, bug databases, etc.

The same mechanisms that are used by Code Co-op to share and maintain your development projects are used to share and maintain your wiki sites. So you'll be checking wiki files in and out, browsing their history, etc.

Wiki documents strike a good balance between the simplicity of text files and the sophistication of web documents. They can contain hyperlinks, both to other wiki pages and to internet web sites. They may contain formatted text, tables, lists, and images. They are perfect for jotting notes, or reporting bugs.

Code Co-op wiki sites also support the creation and maintenance of simple (rich-) text-based databases. You can use a built-in simplified SQL-like query language that can be used to display tables in such databases. In particular, it's easy to create a wiki bug database in Code Co-op--a template for it is available at the Reliable Software web site

Once you create a wiki site, you get immediate access to wiki help pages (the links are embedded in its home page: See Wiki Browser).