Re-Sending Lost Scripts

Sometimes a script is lost on its way between computers. Code Co-op will detect when a script is lost, because it will leave a gap in the sequence of incoming scripts. It will list the missing script in the Inbox area and automatically request the script to be resent. Initially, the script will be requested from the originator. If the script isn't received within a set amount of time, another request for resend will be made to another project member. See Program > Options to configure the resending properties.

You can manually request a script to be resent, however this shouldn't be necessary. If for some reason you do need to do this, have another project member go to the History area and either select Re-Send Scrpt(s) from the context menu or from the Selection menu. A list of potential recipients will be presented--select the recipient(s) and click OK. The script will be automatically dispatched.