Repairing a Project

Code Co-op is based on reliable transactional database technology. The program's only Achilles heel is user files. If you modify a file without checking it out, the consistency of the project will be (temporarily) compromised. You'll discover it the next time you try to check out the corrupted file or when a script arrives that modifies this file.

Don't despair, though. Code Co-op stores enough redundant information in its database to be able to recover the file. Just run Repair from the Project menu. In fact, you might run Repair from time to time, just to make sure none of your programming tools try to modify read-only files.

In most cases, when Code Co-op detects corrupted files, you should let it repair them. If the project has been joined using an older version of Code Co-op, immediate repair might be impossible. In that case, you'll have to obtain specific versions of the corrupted files from other project members. Code Co-op will instruct you how to do it (see also recreating old versions of files).