New Project From History

(This feature is not available in Code Co-op Lite)

Sometimes you have an old Code Co-op project which is no longer actively developed. You'd like to get rid of it from your project list, but you would also like to have an archived copy, just in case. The archiving can be accomplished by exporting project history. Store the history file in a safe place and defect from the project.

To restore a project at a later time, select the menu item Project > New From History. In the following dialog, specify where the history file can be found. The file could be available on the local disk, on the LAN, or on an FTP site.

After the history file has been located, the Create New Project dialog is displayed.

Important: If you have any doubts whether the project of the same name might still exist somewhere, specify a different project name.

After restoring the project, you will be its only member--the administrator. Others can then join you.