My project database is lost beyond repair! What do I do?

Despite our best efforts, there is a non-zero chance that you will lose your project. Disks fail, files get overwritten or inadvertently deleted. If all your efforts to repair the project fail, your only resort is to defect and reenlist. Sometimes you can't even defect. If this occurs, ask the administrator to remove you from the project. If you're the administrator, ask somebody to perform the emergency admin election. As long as there are other project members, your project is safe. Code Co-op is a very reliable backup system. Just join the project again, and you'll get a fresh copy of all the files. If you want to have access to the history of the project, ask one of the members to export history and send you the resulting file. You'll be able to import this file into your project.

By the way, having an additional "observer" enlistment may be a good backup strategy.