Can I save copies of projects in a central location?

How do I set up Code Co-op so I only see my active projects?

You can save a copy of all your projects in a central location (e.g., a server). To do this you need to install Code Co-op on the machine that you've selected to store your projects. On that machine, request to join each project as an observer. You will receive the initial full sync script and all subsequent scripts for each project joined. (You may also import the entire history for each project.)

If you want the synchronization of these projects to be automatic, select Project > Options and check the "Automatically execute and accept all scripts" box. (You will need to set this property in each project.)

Creating a central location for your projects will also enable you the flexibility to keep only your active projects on your desktop. You manage this by defecting from the project once you've completed it. Each project member can do the same thing. What remains is a copy of the entire project on the designated central computer. When the time comes for you to reopen a project, go to the central computer and open the project. Change it's status to be the Administrator. Once this is done, each person who now needs to join the project can do so by sending a join request script to the central computer.