Why won't the dispatcher recognize the incoming script in my email Inbox?

The solution to this can be quite simple. In order for the Dispatcher to recognize the email message sitting in your email Inbox, it must be marked as "unread". For example, in Outlook Express an unread message is bold. Once it is "read", it will no longer be bold. If you inadvertently "read" the message, go to Outlook and select edit from the tool bar and then select "mark as unread". From the Dispatcher select "Get Mail". The script should be recognized and routed appropriately.

Other cause of Dispatcher not picking up incoming Code Co-op scripts may be that your email program is not set as the default email program. This may happen if you have more than one email programs installed. Dispatcher always communicates with the default email client and retrieves all incoming messages from its Inbox. You need to make sure that the email client that you want to use with Code Co-op is set as the default. See how to Set up your default email client program.

If this does not solve your problem, go to the dispatcher section of our on-line manual.