How do I set up integration with Borland IDEs?

Code Co-op fully integrates with Borland IDEs that support SCC interface. All latest releases of Borland's IDEs, including Delphi 8 or higher, C++ BuilderX and CodeWright, support SCC interface. As a benefit Borland IDEs users gain a full range of source control operations accessible straight from the IDEs. Just check it out!

Open your Borland IDE. Go to Tools.Options dialog and select Source Control Options. Select Code Co-op as your default SCC provider.

From now on you can make use of commands available in Tools.Team menu of your IDE.


Borland Developer Studio 2006

Special configuration required:

You'll find the Team menu now showing up.


Old IDEs: Delphi 5-7 and C++ Builder 5-6

There are three versions of the integrator file which you will find in the Code Co-op installation folder. They are:

To integrate Code Co-op into Borland IDE:

  1. Select the "Components.Install Packages" command from the Borland IDE menu
  2. Click on the "Add..." button in the "Add Design Package" dialog
  3. Use the Browse option to browse into the Code Co-op installation directory and select the appropriate integrator file

The package will be loaded and it will add the "Code Co-op" submenu to the IDE's main menu.

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