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Version 4.6 introduces a new way of using Code Co-op. You can now set up distribution projects which will automatically distribute source code changes to your private distribution list. Your clients will not be aware of each other, plus you will have control preventing your client project members from changing their member status. They are always Observers in a distribution project and this can never be changed.

For example, let's say your company makes custom software and distributes source code changes as part of your support, including bug fixes and upgrades. Code Co-op enables you to do this easily by setting up a distribution project in which each of your clients will join. Here is how it works:

  • Create a project containing the source code, with the option "Distribution project" (there is an "Options" tab in the Project>New dialog).
  • Ask your clients to install free evaluation copies of Code Co-op.
  • Ask your clients to join the distribution project.
  • When the join request arrives, the Distribution Administrator has the choice to accept the join which makes the joinee a "Receiver" and transfers to him/her a distribution license already purchased by your company.
  • Receivers are passive members of the project. They cannot check files out or modify their membership. They don't see other receivers in the project membership list.
If you are considering this solution, please contact us for more information at . We can provide you with more details and address any questions you may have.

Incorporating a Differ

If you have clients that use your source code and then customize it themselves internally, incorporating a third party differ to compare project trees is invaluable. Our suggestion is to incorporate Beyond Compare or Guiffy Merge into this distribution process. This will enable your client to compare the distribution project tree to their internal project tree. They will be able to visually view all the changes during which they can selectively update their local project.


Distribution licenses for your clients cost less than a regular Code Co-op license. Also, the bundled prices with Beyond Compare and Guiffy SureMerge make adding project tree comparisons very cost effective.
Product Price (USD)
Code Co-op Distribution License only  $90
Code Co-op Distribution license & Beyond Compare $110 per seat
Code Co-op Distribution License & Guiffy SureMerge $150 per seat