Looking at File Versions.

If you are only interested in the history of a specific file (or files), you can narrow the scope of History (in other words, you can set up a file filter in History). There are a few ways to filter history:

From the History tab, type the following in the toolbar's combo box:

Note: For any of the above scenarios, you can use the down arrow attached to the dropdown to see the list of files included in the results. You can then narrow your filter by selecting a particular file from the drop down box. (if there are several files of the same name, look at the global id displayed in parentheses).

From The Files tab

The Results

Once your filter is applied, the History window will show only the scripts that modified the selected files (or contain the specified key words). You can select a script and see the file(s) affected by it and present in the filter in the Details pane. Double-click a file to see the differences. Or, you can Save the file—select the file and click the Save button in the Details pane—. Code Co-op will reconstruct only the selected file and save it to a specified location.

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