Comparing Versions

You can visually compare any two versions of the project.


Comparing a version to the Current State

Go to History tab and select the previous version of interest to you. By just highlighting that version, you will see below in the Details pane the files that were changed by that version. By selecting Show Changes Since this Script from the Selection or Context menu, you will see a list of all the files that have been affected since the selected version.

Notice that the versions marked with this Affected Scripts icon would be undone if you were to Branch, Restore, or Export from the selected version.


Comparing two arbitrary versions in history

If you want to compare two arbitrary versions, select one and then Ctrl and select the other. The Details pane will list all the files that have changed in the selected versions. Double-click a file to view the changes visually.

Note: There is a difference between selecting, as one of the endpoints of the comparison, the last script or the "Current Version". When the Current Version is selected, the comparison will take into account the changes in the currently checked out files.