Branch Merge Tab

The branch merge area is used for merging branches. There are two types of branch merges:

Branch Merge tab image

This is an example of a local merge. When a file is selected from the Branch, you will notice that the target project is "Current Project". The toolbar in the lower pane also shows several functions that can be performed including Merge Branch files, Auto-Merge branch files, save and more.

Local Merges

For local merges, you can select any scripted marked Branch in the upper pane (in greyed-out italics) to be merged with the current version. (as shown above). You will notice in the lower pane's toolbar the target project is "Current Project". You want Current Project because you need to merge the local branch back into the trunk of this current project.

Inter-project Merges

See Project Merge.

Lower Pane Functions

Once you have selected the script/s, you can select a file in the lower pane. You have several functions that you can perform which are:

For the explanation of merge modes see Merging Projects.