How do I manually send a full-sync script?

You can send a full-sync script manually by following this procedure:

  1. Remote user joins the project, a join request is sent to you
  2. You receive the request--it appears in your Code Co-op's Inbox tab
  3. Before executing that join script, turn off the dispatcher. (Right click on its icon in the taskbar and select Exit)
  4. Unpack the join request
  5. The full sync script will be deposited in c:\co-op\PublicInbox.
  6. Take it from there, copy on a CD, and send it to the the person joining
  7. The joiner has to copy this file into the awaiting project's inbox

How does the person joining find the project's inbox? When joining the project, an empty enlistment was created on the joinee's machine. It is in the state "Awaiting full sync". The project appears in the Projects tab, together with its "Project Id" (a number). The inbox for this project is in the folder c:\co-op\Inbox\(project id) assuming you used the default path when installing Code Co-op.