How do I back-up the projects on my machine?

The \co-op directory on your largest drive contains the databases for all your project (that's the default during setup). Back up this folder and its contents. You might also want to back-up your project files, even though it is not strictly necessary.

If you don't want to back up your project files, make sure that your history is in good order--try selecting the earliest script and do Selection > Export Version. If it fails, some of the files in your history might not be recoverable and you won't be able to restore them based purely on history.


Restoring a project from your database files

After you reinstall Code Co-op, copy the folders contained in the back-up \co-op folder to the new \co-op folder on your machine. Restore project files from the same backup using exactly the same paths as the original. To be on the safe side, launch Code Co-op and run Project > Repair for each project.

If you haven't backed up project files, Project > Repair will restore them using your project's history (this is why you have to be positive that your history is not corrupt). If your project is large, this may take a bit of time.