Working with Files

Navigating through your project.

In the Files Area you can navigate through your project by double-clicking on folders in the right pane or using the project tree on the left. As you select a folder, its contents is displayed in the right pane. The toolbar shows the name of the current folder.

Alternate navigation

The toolbar includes a Folder-Up button. You can use this button or the backspace button to navigate up the project tree. You can also go directly to the root of the project by selection Goto Root from the Folder menu. Or, you can do the same through the tree-view pane.

Sorting Files

You can sort the display by clicking on any of the column headings. The sort can be ascending or decending. You can resize the columns by dragging the dividers. Both the sort order and column widths are remembered across sessions--as is the placement and the size of the main window.