Wikifying a Folder

To turn a folder in your project into a wiki site select Wikify from the Folder menu. If the current folder is the root folder of your project, you will wikify the whole project.

This is what happens when you wikify a folder:

Probably the first thing you'd want to edit is the title of the page. This page will become the home page of your wiki site. You extend your wiki site by creating wiki links in your home page. Each wiki link can lead to another wiki page--the page will actually be created the first time you click on such a link. All this is explained in detail in wiki help pages.

Note: The only thing that distinguishes a wiki folder from any other project folder is the presence of the file So if you want to de-wikify a folder, simply delete this file. Conversely, any time you create a file with this special name, the folder the file is in will be wikified (even if the file is not part of the Code Co-op project).

A wikified folder may contain subfolders. One such special subfolder is called Image and it contains image files that are displayed on wiki pages. This folder is automatically created the first time you embed an image in a wiki page. Other subfolders are treated as database tables--the wiki files in them become database records. See wiki help for details (to do that, wikify a folder and follow the links to help).