Local Merge

When two project members perform a check-in at the same time and their sripts miss each other, one of the check-ins becomes a side branch (Code Co-op arbitrarily favors the check-in done by a member with numerically lower ID—this one extends the trunk). You can see side branches in the history of the project—they are displayed in greyed-out italics with the State set to "Branch".

A side branch has to be merged back into the trunk—most often by the creator of the branched scripts, but not necessarily.

Merging a Branch from within the History Tab

Branch Merge View

Alternately, you can select the script you wish to Merge and then click the Open Branch Merge View Merge branch button button in the top toolbar. This will open the Branch Merge Tab and provide you with more detailed information prior to performing the merge. For example, in the details pane where the affected files are listed, you will see if a file has been moved or renamed.

Additional Options

While reviewing the files to be merged in the details pane, you can also do the following: