Viewing and Editing Files

You can view any file in the project by double-clicking it (or selecting Open from the Selection menu). If the file is checked out, you can edit it. Code Co-op has a built-in editor/differ for that purpose. If the file is not checked out, typing within the editor will prompt you to check out the file.

SCC Compliant Editors

If your editor or IDE is SCC compliant or it's Borland Delphi or C++ Builder, you'll be able to perform source-control operations from within it to allow you to edit your files.

Opening Files with Shell Association

Double-clicking on a binary file will start the application that is associated (in your shell) with the particular extension. For instance, Microsoft Word files with the extension .doc will be opened using Microsoft Word, etc. Non-binary files may be opened using the shell by selecting Open With Shell from their context menu or pressing Ctrl+Enter.