Deleting a File

To delete a file (or a whole folder) do any of the following:

You will still see the deleted file or folder in the Check-in area.

Restoring a Deleted File

If you change your mind about deleting a file before you check it in, you can easily restore it. Select the deleted file in the check-in area and click on the Un-CheckOut button, or use Un-CheckOut from the Selection menu.

Removing a File from Code Co-op control

You also have the option to remove a file from Code Co-op control without deleting it (Make Uncontrolled in the Selection menu). The file will likewise be removed from Code Co-op control in all the other members' enlistments, after you've send them the check-in script. It won't be physically deleted, though.

Retrieving a Deleted File

When you delete a file in Code Co-op, the file is never lost. When a file is deleted, it will no longer be visible in your project, but all the previous versions of that file will be available through History.

To retrieve an older version of the deleted file, select the script that deleted it. You'll see the file in the lower pane as "deleted". Select the file and use Restore file version from the Selection menu. You can also save the file outside of the project using the menu item Save file version.