Branching your project

You can create a new project by branching from any version of an existing project in your History tab.

Branch Starting with the Current Version

To Branch Starting with a Historical Version:

Branch Project Options

When branching a project, you have the same options as when you create a new project. The Options tab of the Create Project Branch dialog gives you the following choices:

The first three options will automate regular processes. The last option, Create a Distribution Project, is for projects being used to distribute source code to clients that require privacy and certain limitations. For more information, go to About Distribution Projects.

Branch Merging

A branch project shares some history with the original project. Because of that, it's possible to merge changes between such projects. The merging can be performed in either direction: from the original project to the branch or vice versa. Merges are also possible across several branchings (the branch of my branch is also my branch).

Notice that new members of the branch project don't share history with the original project and can't immediately perform merges. For new members to perform merges, they first have to import the history from the branch project.