Checking Out a File.

To edit a file that's part of the project, you have to first check it out. From the Files tab select your file/s and do one of the following:

Checking out a file makes it writable. It also creates a backup of the current state of the file in the Code Co-op's database. This backup is used as a base for comparison when reviewing changes or creating the script upon check-in. You can Un-CheckOut the file (the Un-CheckOut button)--return to the state before check-out, if you change your mind before checking it in.

You can also:

Viewing the Checked out Files

After a check-out, you'll see all the files in the Check-in Area. Files that have been modified will say "Edited" in the Changed column. Clicking Refresh Refresh Button will update this information. To see all the Edited files easily, click on the Change column. All the changed files will appear at the top of the list by default. You can also sort the files by any of the other column headings. After you're done reviewing changes, click the Check-in All button. The files that haven't been changed will be conveniently ignored in the change script.

Checking out a file with third party software

You can perform a check-out from the built in Differ/Editor. The moment you make your first edit, a dialog will pop up asking if you want to check the file out. Advanced users usually skip this dialog by selecting "Don't show this dialog again" checkbox.

You can check-out files from any application that uses Microsoft SCC API , in particular VisualStudio or Borland Delphi or C++ Builder.