I'm getting the following error: "The dispatcher was unable to deliver the following script". What do I do?

The Dispatcher displays the message "The dispatcher was unable to deliver the following script" when one of the script recipients cannot be found by the Hub machine. The message tells you which recipient can not be found. If you know where this recipient is located on the LAN go to the Hub machine and select the Members tab and double-click on the relevant project. Double-click on the member's listing to edit the path to their shared folder on their machine.

Alternatively, have the missing recipient edit their Dispatcher preferences by double-clicking the dispatcher icon to launch Collaboration Settings. Open the Network Satellite tab and make sure the radio button by Satellite is selected. The shared folder for the Satellite member is listed toward the bottom and can be edited by selecting the Advanced button.

Notice, when you are running on a LAN, it is necessary to setup the Dispatcher on one (and only one) computer as the Hub and all others as satellites. If your development is distributed you may set up a Hub in each separate location (each with its own network of satellites). Remember, Hubs exchange scripts between each other only through email.