What if I'm going on a vacation, or the Admin left for a vacation?

If a member of the project wants to go on vacation, he or she should change their status to Observer. This way nobody will be waiting for the acknowledgment scripts from that person. Missing acknowledgments result in unconfirmed scripts in the History.

After coming back from vacation, he or she will have to execute and accept a whole bunch of scripts, and then change the status back to Voting member. (All this status changing is done through the Members dialog in the Project menu.) The change from Observer back to Voting member requires verification from another project member to prevent conflicts. A verification request is sent to somebody, and check-ins by the ex-Observer are temporarily suspended.

What if somebody forgot to change their status? --The administrator can change it for them. What if the administrator left for vacation? --You have to invoke the emergency administrator election. Look for it under Administrator in the Project menu.