License: Free.

Support: free user-base support; Professional support can be thousands per year.

Add'l costs: part-time person for maintenance minimum; recommend server w/ 32MB RAM for up to 40MB of project files.

CVS is a well-tested client/server system which uses Berkeley DB filesystem. CVS relies on TCP connections and proprietary protocol using SSH connection. The good thing about CVS is it is well tested and has a large user base. The down side is it's steap learning curve and its need for at least a part-time person to maintain the code. It's database is not atomic which leaves the possibility for partial check-ins which can corrup data.

For distributed teams, CVS may not be the best solution. It tends to be slow. The only network efficiency is a delta compression which is old and comprimises efficiency. Also, like most centralized systems, many common functions cannot be done without a network connection.

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