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The code samples in this book will compile with Visual Studio C++ or VS.Net v.7.0 or later. If you are still using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, some code samples will not compile.

Except maybe for Window-specific programs in the second part of the book, you may try using other compilers. These are some recommendations from the readers (I haven't tried them):

  • The Windows based MinGW on which is based upon GCC, but do not have any (GNU) license issues.

  • The Dev-C++ editor at which is an full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Win32 and Linux. It uses GCC, Mingw or Cygwin as compiler and libraries.


The book doesn't lead the reader by the hand in easy little steps. It's not one of the books for dummies, and it doesn't promise to teach you C++ in seven days. To make things worse, it starts at an elementary level and then quickly proceeds to explaining architectural choices. One reader's initial reaction was:

"Get this book NOW..!!!! AWESOME"

only to be followed by:

"Dissatisfied after getting to the 4th chapter
My initial reaction was to praise the approach taken by the author after reading the first chapter, however, I became gradually disappointed with the simplistic way the author approached knowledge transfer and therefore had to review my previous rating of this book."

Guilty as charged. I was too greedy, trying to cram years of experience into one volume. Or, you might say, I was just honest. I don't believe in recipes. I don't think you can program a programmer. All I wanted to say in this book was, "This is the kinda way you should program," with the stress on kinda. It is, in a sense, a book about "programming with your right brain," hence I wasn't afraid of inserting some seemingly paradoxical statements, like this one (often quoted),

"Programming is for programmers, not for computers"

There are people who read this sentence and say, "This makes no sense!" and there are people who say, "Finally, somebody said that!"

One of such quotes ended up as a motto for a German article on abstract speech:

Abstrakte Sprachen
“The fact that the program works has no relevance. ”
Bartosz Milewski

What I didn't expect is to be appreciated by the Linux crowd. Yet I somehow ended up as a character in a Linux Science Fiction Story in French. Let me quote from L'Histoire des Pingouins:

J'ai rencontré un homme étrange dans l'Ether, Sefiroth : il se nomme Milewski Bartosz.

Now, if this doesn't give my book a cult status, I don't know what does...