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Code Co-op: Peer-to-peer Version Control

Code Co-op is a full-featured, easy to use, affordable version control system for collaborative software development. Not requiring a central server, it is the only version control system that uses email to synchronize project files between remote locations and uses LAN on-site. With no server to configure, Code Co-op is the easiest version control system to install and run. Join all the other developers around the world and start using it to manage your day-to-day development.

Download and try Code Co-op 4.6 version control for yourself, a 3.92 MB file for the complete program. Use it for free for 31 days and then buy the license to continue your development.

Learn more about Code Co-op, and browse the online tutorial.

Code Co-op Version Control System
Code Co-op
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What's New at Reliable Software

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Feb: Code Co-op 4.6d released
eb: Code Co-op Demo: Accepting and synching with incoming changes
Jan: Code Co-op Demo: Seamless integration with Visual Studio
Jan: ReliCodia--Windows API developer wiki site is back online
Dec: Feature to Price Comparison of version control tools
July: Added the analysis of a sample program created using RSWL
July: Our free C++ Windows Library released to public
June: Code Co-op 4.6 Released
May: ReliCodia, our coding encyclopedia opens and then closes due to spambot attacks
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April 1st: Really?! MPAA sues ReliSoft?
Mar: Code Co-op version 4.6e released
Mar: The blog is back
Feb: Code Co-op Demo: Accepting and synching with incoming changes
Jan: Code Co-op Demo: Seamless integration with Visual Studio
Jan: ReliCodia--Windows API developer wiki site is back online

Windows Programming

We are famous for our Windows API programming tutorials. We'll teach you how to write your first Windows program and really explain how it works. We'll show you how to do graphics, create dialog boxes, start threads, use COM and DirectDraw.

Join us in creating ReliCodia, the open wiki encyclopedia of Windows programming.

Bookmark this web site, tell your friends about it, and keep coming back for more.

If C++ is your language, this is the site for you. We have an online version of the book C++ In Action, online articles on Resource Management in C++, a presentation about Software Complexity.


Useful algorithms, interesting math and physics tidbits, opinionated comments--Bartosz's corner is educational iconoclastic and entertaining in a nerdy way. Bartosz Milewski

Web Development

Learn web programming from our beginners' HTML tutorial.

Whether you program in Java or not, we hope you'll find something interesting in our official Java page. For instance, the Java and C++ source code for a simple Ray Tracer. Compare the performace of interpreted Java, compiled Java and compiled C++ for the same program.


We provide various programs for people with various interests. Take a look at our Sea Battle game. It is a compact program at only 280kB because it doesn't use any MFC.

For those interested in Fast Fourier Transform take a look at our frequency analyzer. Source code is available for download.

Community of Programmers

Do you have questions about C++, especially Windows API programming? Post it in our interactive forum. Read what other programmers have to say.
Be one of us: Telecommuting programmers.

Have computer, will telecommute. Would you like to work with other programmers like you? Visit the World Wide Programmers' Web and become a WW Programmer.

About Reliable Software

The Crew Why do we put up with low quality software? Because the software industry led us to believe that it's normal and even inevitable that programs will occasionally hang your computer, that systems will become unstable and applications will GP-fault.

If you don't save your work regularly and a printer driver kills your word processor-- you lose a document and it's nobody's fault but yours. Computer savvy gurus will laugh at you-- the lowly user-- for being so careless. They will explain that the unbelievable complexity of modern software is far beyond your understanding. That an operating system is more complicated than a space shuttle. And just as your car breaks down from time to time, so will your software...

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