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CS_BYTEALIGNCLIENT Align client area on a byte boundary in x direction. Useful when you want to use low-level access to the display buffer.
CS_BYTEALIGNWINDOW Aling the whole window on a byte boundary. Useful when you want low level access to the display buffer for the whole window.
CS_CLASSDC Share one device context between all windows of this class. Care should be taken when multiple threads create and modify windows of the same class.
CS_DBLCLKS Send a double-click message to the window when two clicks happen withing a predefined (system-wide) time interval.
CS_DROPSHADOW On Windows XP only. Creates a drop shadow effect around the window, typically a menu. The effect can then be turned on or off by setting SPI_SETDROPSHADOW in SystemParametersInfo.
CS_GLOBALCLASS The class will be available to all modules in the application. Useful when the class is registered in a DLL.
CS_HREDRAW Repaint window every time its horizontal size or position changes. Useful when you have to re-scale the contents of the window.
CS_NOCLOSE Disables Close on the window menu.
CS_OWNDC Allocates a unique device context for each window in the class. Instead of creating and releasing a DC during every paint operation, the application can retrieve a DC once, and use it over and over.
CS_PARENTDC Allows the child window to draw on the parent window (normally such drawing is clipped to the size of the child window).
CS_SAVEBITS Optimization, usually for small accidental windows. When the window is obscured, a bitmap is stored. When the window is revealed, no WM_PAINT message is sent; instead the saved bitmap is displayed.
CS_VREDRAW Same as CS_HREDRAW, but for vertical changes.