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Reliable Software® may be an oxymoron, but we decided to create a software company and a web site to prove otherwise. We have a product, a version control system, that is both reliable itself, and can help you create reliable software. We created a number of Windows tutorials and an online book that teaches reliable programming techniques. There's also a blog about multi-thread programming, a wiki about Windows API, and much more.

The ReliSoft web site has been a valuable resource for programmers since 1996.

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Code Co-op®

Peer-to-peer Version Control Software

Co-op Icon Code Co-op is the version control and configuration management solution for those of you who need an affordable, easy-to-use, robust code management system. Wait! How is this possible? Code Co-op makes this possible with its peer-to-peer technology, enabling collaboration through Email, LAN, and VPN — no server required. With no server to configure, Code Co-op is the easiest version control system to install and run.

Join developers around the world and start using Code Co-op to manage your day-to-day development.

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Find out more about why Code Co-op is the preferred version control solution for distributed development. We provide demos, version control feature comparisons, and more.

"Code Co-op puts us at ease. It helps our team of six developers write code within and away from the office, knowing that our changes will be shared and synchronized with very little effort on our part. It's also a very useful backup tool." - Marcus Idle, Oxford Webware
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C++ Resources

Your source for tutorials & source code

On-Line Book: C++ in Action

Whether you are just learning C++ or you are a seasoned programmer, C++ In Action will provide a fresh perspective on the language. It focuses on programming techniques by capturing the essence of expression in C, promoting a methodology that delivers robust, reliable, and elegant code.

Windows API Tutorials

We are well known for our Windows API programming tutorials. We'll teach you how to write your first Windows program and explain how it works. We'll show you how to do graphics, create dialog boxes, start threads, use COM and DirectDraw. Also, check out and help build our Windows API Wiki, Relicodia.

C++ Windows Library

How do we make such compact and functional programs? Given the high interest in how we achieve this, we have released our own C++ Windows Library, RSWL, which we use in our day to day development. Join our project today and keep up-to-date on the changes as they occur.

Programmer's Blog

Bartosz's blog on multi-thread programming.

Papers and Presentations

Enjoy our various papers and presentations covering a vast array of subjects.

Science, Freeware, Scoop

Other stuff of interest

Science Corner

Useful algorithms, interesting math and physics tidbits, opinionated comments--Bartosz's corner is educational iconoclastic and entertaining in a nerdy way.


We provide various programs for people with various interests. Take a look at our Sea Battle game. It is a compact program at only 280kB because it doesn't use any MFC. For those interested in Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) take a look at our frequency analyzer. Source code is available for download.

The Scoop

Take a gander at one developer's perspective on a variety of subjects from on new sites of interest to Code Co-op on Mars to whatever else meets his fancy.

Web Programming

We have implemented search on our web site. Take a look at how you can index your site and implement your own search.

There is also an unorthodox JavaScript tutorial.