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C++ Resources

Over the years we have become well known for providing valuable resources and interesting discussions on C++ and Windows API development. Enjoy perusing through our various development resources from our complete C++ Tutorial and free Windows Library (RSWL) to our many papers and presentations. Then, feel free to join in development discussions from our developer's forum.

C++ In Action: Online Book

Knowledge should be free. We make sure that all kids have free access to elementary education. Why? Because as a society we realize that this is the best way to invest our money. In the 21st century the Internet (or one of its successors) will become the ultimate repository of human knowledge. And it will be free for everybody!

C++ In Action Book CoverLet this web book that teaches programming, from the level of a C++ tutorial up to the level of a large-scale software project management, be the one to start this new trend. Hardcopy books can be purchased through Amazon and the like.

WIndows API Tutorial

Fed up with MFC? Try our popular Windows API programming tutorials. Start with the simplest Hello Windows!. Learn simple graphics and text output. Try multi-threaded programming with active objects.

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Check out our own Windows API Wiki. Share your knowledge with others by contributing to this endeavor.

RSWL: Free WIndows Library

Books ImageHow do we make such compact and functional programs? Well, given the high interest in how we achieve these feats, we decided to release our own C++ Windows Library. This is the library that is based on the object-oriented ideas from "C++ In Action" (the Windows Programming chapter in particular), and which we use in our day-to-day development. We call it Reliable Software Windows Library, or RSWL for short. Learn more about getting the library and how you can keep up-to-date with changes.

Papers & Presentations

In following with our philosophy that knowledge should be free, we also have available the various papers and presentations:

Resource Management

Losing memory? Dropping objects? Leaking resources?