Receiving the Invitation: New Member

The Invitation should arrive through email. You will see it in the Inbox of your your Mapi email client. The subject line will start with "Code Co-op Sync". Do not open it—for performance reasons, Code Co-op only looks at unread messages. If your machine is configured correctly (and your default email client is what you think it is), within a few minutes the message should disappear from your inbox. That means Code Co-op got hold of it. Or, to expedite the retrieval, you can right-click the dispatcher icon and select "Get Mail". Code Co-op will retrieve and process the script immediately.

Note: Since Invitations include all the files and information needed to create the project on your machine, you will probably receive multiple emails, each with a chunk of the invitation. The dispatcher will retrieve them as they arrive and reassemble the Invitation.


When you receive an Invitation, you will be notified a couple ways:

You can reject the invitation by checking the Reject button.

After you provide the root path, Code Co-op will finish creating your local copy of the project. Once this is done, you can open the project and start making changes.

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