Distributing Scripts through E-mail

Synchronization scripts can be automatically distributed directly through SMTP/POP3 or your SimpleMAPI or MAPI email client. When you use our built-in SMTP/POP3 support, Code Co-op will talk directly with your mail server to send and retrieve Code Co-op scripts. When using a Mapi client like Outlook or Outlook Express, the scripts will be sent and received through your e-mail program.

Emailed scripts are compressed—the compressed script has the extension .znc. Code Co-op setup makes a shell association of this extension with the program unznc.exe. Unznc decompresses a script and copies it to the local Public Inbox. Thanks to this arrangement you may double-click on the script attachment in a sync message and it will be processed by your dispatcher (this trick is useful if your e-mail client doesn't support MAPI).

Handling of Large Scripts

Sometimes, even after compression, some scripts—usually full-sync scripts—may be too large for your mail server. The Code Co-op dispatcher has an option to split such scripts into separate chunks for e-mailing. After all the chunks arrive at their destination, the dispatcher will pick them up, combine into one file, and decompress.

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