Can I undo an automatic merge?

On some occasions you might not like the results of automatic merge. You can always correct the results by editing the file inside the differ. But if you really want to see the original pre-merge file with your own edits, there is a back-door approach. First, find out the file's global id (last column in File Area). Then, go to the Code Co-op's data directory for this particular project, usually \co-op\database\projId, where projId is the id of the project (find it in the Projects area of Code Co-op). The file whose name is formed from the global id of the file in question followed by the extension .bak is your pre-merge copy. Don't edit this file! It's part of Code Co-op's database. Just copy it to a safe place and work with it. Remember, making any changes in Code Co-op's data directory will result in database corruption and possible loss of the project.