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Beyond Compare

Code Co-op is bundled with a file merger and differ that is part of Scooter Software's product, Beyond Compare (BC). This merger/differ is sufficient for most standard version-control tasks. The full version of BC offers much more functionality, which might be useful on its own, or as an enhancement of the version-control capabilities of Code Co-op.

The major functionality that you get when you purchase the full distribution of BC is the ability to compare whole directory trees, including remote directories on FTP servers. This capability is very important for web developers using Code Co-op. Part of web development is the deployment of files to a server. BC can quickly point out which files on the web site need updating, and help you transfer them to the server.

Beyond Compare is very useful in comparing whole project branches created by Code Co-op. It can also be used in release management, for comparing the release tree with the current project version.

Beyond Compare 3.0

Code Co-op 5.0 includes the Beyond Compare differ and merger built-in. Code Co-op 5.0 still integrates with BC 2.4. However, when performing merges and showing differences, Code Co-op will use the newer, built-in BC 3.0.


Any new purchases of the full version of Beyond Compare will come with a free upgrade to Beyond Compare 3.0 once it release from Scooter Software. Code Co-op users receive a 15-20% discount of the retail price.

# of Users
Price Per User
1-4 Users $26 per user
5-9 Users $18 per user
10-49 users $15 per user
50+ users Contact

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